Saturday, September 24, 2011

Campaign Signs

Tonight my son and I drove out to Sterling, Va.  The medians were full of campaign posters, because 'tis the season.  At first we remarked on the largeness of some of the signs, like, my signs bigger than your sign.  And of course, you have to make fun of some of the names; "Spike" is a name you would run for office on?  What does this guy (?) look like?  But the two most disturbing were running for the school board.  One had a bunch of clip art children across the top of his sign.  They were: a very large toddler; a football player; a graduate; and a boy shooting a rifle. (correction: the order was toddler, boy with gun, football player, graduate) That's good stuff.  The other candidate chose to be a first name only candidate, kind of like Cher.  The name? Lolita.  It leaves me to wonder, how old is this candidate and how does she dress?