Saturday, December 26, 2015

Is it art or is it fashion?

On a visit to the High museum of Art in Atlanta we pondered several questions. Approaching the museum there were pieces of sod patching in circular shapes.
We puzzled, was it an art installation or just repairs to the grass?
We moved on to the first exhibit, the work of Iris Van Herpen. She is an avant garde designer who works with traditional and non-traditional materials.

We were amazed and impressed with her work. Is it art? Yes. She shows vision, persistence and massive creativity. Is it fashion? That's a harder question. While she makes objects to wear, they are limited to customers who don't need to sit or use there arms. Who, besides Bjork, would wear these items?
We moved on to another exhibit about the Habsburgs, fashion and style from earlier centuries.
It made me wonder why we questioned the outrageous style of Iris Van Herpen.